2020 healthcare recruitment trends

Published on: Jan 13, 2020

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Healthcare recruitment is an ever-evolving field. By necessity, health organizations need to constantly adapt to secure top talent. A report from the Association of American Medical Colleges found that the country will experience further physician shortages as the population ages, since an expanding proportion of older Americans will require more medical attention just as more doctors retire.

Recruitment of doctors and other healthcare providers will depend on the successful deployment of new technologies and a capacity to outperform competitors by providing unique incentives.

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AI recruiting technology

Healthcare recruitment has regularly leveraged new technology as it has become available. Artificial intelligence recently entered the recruiting space, and it's poised to take a bigger role in streamlining the hiring process in 2020 and beyond, as long as employers use the technology responsibly and legally.

AI technology can enhance hiring efficiencies and facilitate smoother recruitment for doctors and other healthcare professionals by scanning resumes and video interviews to analyze for word choice and sort the most qualified applicants.

Crucially, however, employers have to be confident that the technology they use is eradicating biases from the recruiting and hiring process instead of extending them. Due to these issues, as well as privacy concerns, employers will only be able to use these technologies if they can ensure compliance with relevant regulations and ethical guidelines.

Customized recruiting incentives

Standard-issue recruiting perks might not be enough to attract doctors and other healthcare professionals in 2020 and beyond. To entice residents and physicians to join your healthcare organizations going forward, you'll need to capitalize on your strengths while minimizing any challenges that are unique to your circumstances.

For instance, some areas find that housing is a hurdle to recruiting skilled residents, so they've experimented with providing free living spaces.

The reality of the situation when it comes to healthcare recruitment in 2020 is that not every area and organization can compete with the salaries and perks offered by the field's titans. In order to remain competitive, smaller markets will need to carefully position their unique attributes to attract the best physicians and they'll have to find inventive solutions to the hiring barriers they face.

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