3 things to look for in a physician job description

Published on: May 23, 2017

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When you read a single physician job description, it can feel like you've read them all. And when you've read dozens, they can start to blend together in your memory. How are you supposed to differentiate between a good job listing and a not-so-great one?

If your job search has gone on for longer than expected, you may be tempted to pounce at the next opportunity that comes your way. But the truth is that the physician job market is expected to grow much faster than the national average - 14 percent by 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In other words, skilled physicians are in high demand, so you don't need to jump on the first opportunity.

Use these three tips to help you identify good physician job listings:

1. The listing is posted in a reputable source

Always pay close attention to where the job listing was posted, especially if it is sent to you by someone in your network. You may be inclined to automatically trust a job listing sent by a friend or colleague, but you'll save yourself a lot of time by doing your due diligence.

Listings in peer-reviewed medical publications and job boards are a good bet. For example, listings on myHealthTalent.com always feature the name of the employing organization as well as links where you can learn more about each opportunity.

2. The description lists your benefits

Job listings should be two-sided: A listing should not only thoroughly explain the expectations of the position, but also highlight the benefits of the role to you. Descriptions that focus solely on how candidates will be expected to benefit the organization are too one-sided.

You should be wooed by a job listing, not made to feel anxious about your chances of landing the gig. As you browse through job posts, ask yourself what the job will do for you. If you can't answer that question after reading the post, there's a chance you'll find more of the same attitude when applying for the position.

3. The job post doesn't highlight "flexibility"

You may come across listings that ask for candidates to be flexible in their responsibilities on the job. This is a red flag. Often, flexible only means you'll be expected to perform tasks outside of your job description.

If you see this phrase on a job listing and you're still interested, Lifehacker recommended following up with the physician recruiter. Ask the recruiter to fully explain what that flexibility truly entails.

Now that you know these tips, you're ready to find your perfect physician job! Create a free account and sign up for job alerts at myHealthTalent.com today!