3 tips for recruiting millennial dentists

Published on: Mar 26, 2018


The majority of dental students and residents today are millennials. Attracting these candidates isn't an enigma. To boost your efforts and maximize your valuable time and resources, consider these three tips:

1. Some cities may be more attractive

According to information from Salary.com, the average dentist salary in the U.S. is $148,478. However, that figure could change drastically depending on where in the country the dentist is located. Though some cities may offer more competitive compensation, others may offer more affordable housing, making this a complicated decision for dentists who want to work in another city.

For example, the average dentist in Montgomery, Alabama makes $132,294, where the average home price is $115,000 according to Zillow. Meanwhile, in Tacoma, Washington, dentists make an average of $158,000 per year, and the average home costs $268,200.

When recruiting millennial dentists across state lines, recruiters should do their due diligence and research home prices in relation to job compensation to better position their marketing efforts.

smiling teethMillennial dentists want a positive work/life balance

2. Work culture matters

Millennials don't just want to work to make a living. Job satisfaction is very valuable to this generation, and few things impact this metric than company culture. According to venture capitalist Christine Comaford, writing a guest article for Forbes, millennials don't just work for money, they work for a purpose.

When sitting down with millennials to discuss dental job opportunities, recruiters should open a dialogue concerning the candidates' dreams and aspirations. By learning these key details about each prospective employee, recruiters can better pair recruits to dental organizations.

3. Work/life balance is important

If you ask millennials what they want most from work, one of the most common answers will be a satisfactory work/life balance. According to a 2016 LinkedIn survey, roughly half of all U.S. employees say they would give up a corner office if it meant getting a more flexible schedule. Millennials, in particular, are fond of work situations that allow them to achieve their personal goals as well as their professional ambitions.

However, finding a satisfying work/life balance may prove to be difficult for many millennials, so this is one area where employers can really differentiate themselves. By offering more flexibility in terms of workload and hours worked per week, employers can attract millennials looking for their version of the American dream.

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