4 Reasons Why Recruitment Through Medical Journals Still Works

Written by: Alex Brown
Published on: Dec 13, 2021

doctor reading journal

It’s a fact, healthcare professionals (HCPs) still value medical journals as a source for continual education. Although average readership time is lower than a decade ago, physicians and other HCPs turn to journals for the latest research and data about medical advancements.

Whether you want to promote your employer brand, or reach a specialty audience with a job opening, medical journals, job board, and other industry-specific channels provide effective exposure to experienced medical talent.

Four Reasons to Recruit Through Medical Journals

Despite the proliferation of alternative recruitment options, journal advertising still offers four reasons for hospitals and staffing agencies to devote budget to these marketing venues.

Physicians Read Journals

According to one source, “90% of doctors read current medical journals in print and 66% consider them an important source of information”. Although there has been a steep rise in the number of journals being published, physicians and other HCPs still seek the latest information via journals.

So, if you want your workplace to be front-and-center in the medical community, ad placement in medical journals is a key tactic for recruitment.

Cost Effective for Lead Generation

Reach is important when seeking qualified candidates. You achieve a broad reach with placement in and around medical journals. Journals published by Elsevier, for example, reach members of over 600 medical societies across the globe.

Whether you’re recruiting an ophthalmologist in Dallas or a pediatric surgeon in Bangladesh, medical journals are a common venue that experienced medical professionals access to support their careers.

Brand Recognition is Elevated

Journals are typically respected as valued industry resources. As such, brands can use them as a lead generation tool for recruiting. While search engine optimization and search engine advertising are suitable for lead generation, the broad nature of search engine queries may not be useful when establishing your workplace as a desired work destination among HCPs.

Ad placement in medical journals establishes your brand as an industry leader. By aligning your brand with respected, specialty-focused journals, potential recruits will view your workplace as a preferred place to work.

Publishing Flexibility to Meet HCP Needs

HCPs are getting informed through multiple platforms these days. Desktops and laptops have become the most popular devices for accessing professional information.

In contrast, print journals still provide HCPs with the ability to discover content in an “off the grid” setting where they can focus their full attention. Overall, 68 percent of physicians read both the print and digital versions of current medical journals, meaning your recruitment ads can reach HCPs wherever they are.

Journal Advertising Options for Recruiters

With Elsevier’s line-up of journals dedicated to covering the latest research, you directly reach physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals who have the experience and knowledge you are looking for.

Elsevier offers the following print choices for recruitment advertising:

  • Recruitment Section
  • Run of Book Display Ad
  • Recruitment Line Ad

In addition to journal placement, you can reach active and passive job seekers via our digital options:

Find out more about recruitment opportunities and partner with Elsevier to start reaching qualified and engaged HCPs today!