4 tips for your first conversation with a physician recruiter

Published on: Apr 18, 2019


Meeting with recruiters is exciting: They have strong relationships with hospitals and other care organizations that have exciting job opportunities. To optimize your first encounter with a physician recruiter, consider the following tips:

1. Get to know your recruiter

Transparency is key to any relationship, and that lesson applies to any dealings you have with professional recruiters. To help you find your dream job, recruiters will need to know your history practicing medicine as well as your academic credentials and licensure. And while recruiters may not need a license to operate, you should feel comfortable asking about their professional experience.

Quick tip: Ask your recruiter about the two or three roles they most recently filled.

2. Think about your requirements

Just as hiring managers have a list of ideal qualifications and professional requirements for each open position at their organization, you should have a list of requirements for your ideal employer. If you don't know exactly what you want from a job, it will make it difficult for you to negotiate, should you receive an offer. Take some time to think about your ideal work-life and balance and what that means for the types of jobs you apply for.

Quick tip: Decide on your target salary range and must-have benefits before you submit your name for an open position.

Have a list of questions prepared to ask the recruiter.Have a list of questions prepared to ask the recruiter.

3. Consider each job carefully before you commit

The U.S. is facing a physician shortage that is expected to grow in severity over the next decade, according to the Association of Medical Colleges. As a result of this national talent deficiency, you may find yourself fielding inquiries from several recruiters at once. If your first instinct is to submit your name for as many job openings as possible, think again. You'll end up wasting recruiters' time and resources, which is bad etiquette.

Quick tip: Only submit your resume for positions you would accept, assuming they meet your criteria from tip No. 2.

4. Research the job market

A single conversation with a recruiter won't show you the universe of jobs available to someone with your specialty. Take your time to research physician job listings around your local area as well as throughout the country. Doing so will give you a better understanding of your current value to the market. Likewise, you may encounter opportunities you hadn't previously considered.

Learning about new physician job openings is simple when you sign up for free job alerts from myHealthTalent.com. To optimize your first encounter with a physician recruiter, consider the following tips.