5 of the Fastest Growing Jobs in Healthcare Today

Published on: Oct 3, 2019


We have known for some time that demand for healthcare professionals is booming.  The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics published a news release earlier this month reinforcing this trend.  The need for healthcare professionals will be in great demand for at least the decade to come.

Based on our review from this and other sources, we have listed 5 noteworthy healthcare occupations worth considering if you are looking for a specific, growing field.

Home Health Aides: Projected Growth by 2028 – 36.6%

Many patients are increasingly seeking treatment in the comfort of their own home.  Home Health Aides provide at home patient observation and condition reporting to family and healthcare professionals.  Mainly by monitoring any change in the patient’s mental or physical wellbeing.  They will also assist in ensuring that the day to day environment is clean and safe.  Other duties include teaching the patient or family the proper ways to move around, eat, sleep, and bathe as well as helping with some chores.

Occupational Therapy Assistants: Projected Growth by 2028 – 33.1%

In the same vein of maintaining independence, Occupational Therapy Assistants provide added support to Occupational Therapists who help patients perform their daily living activities.  It is the OT Assistant’s responsibility to carry out the treatment plans prescribed by the Occupational Therapist.  OTA’s have the freedom, in most cases, to tailor treatments specifically to the needs of the individual patient. They usually will perform their duties in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, retirement homes, rehab centers, and more.

Health professional with patient

Physician Assistants: Projected Growth by 2028 – 31.1%

As the name dictates, PA’s are medical professionals that practice under the guidance of a Licensed Physician.  Their main responsibilities include, but are not limited to: physical examinations, ordering lab tests, illness diagnoses, patient counseling, and surgical care assistance.  Physician Assistants play a critical role in healthcare and often are as important as their managing Licensed Physicians.  Some added advantages to becoming a PA over an MD is that there is less school time needed and they work shorter hours on a more stable schedule.

Nurse Practitioners: Projected Growth by 2028 – 28.2%

Defining what a Nurse Practitioner does can vary from state to state as well as what your specialization is in.  The AANP states that NP’s are “clinicians that blend clinical expertise in diagnosing and treating health conditions with an added emphasis on disease prevention and health management.”  There are 20+ NP specialties to choose from including:  Cardiac, Emergency Room, Hospice, Surgical, and the popular Family Nurse Practitioner.  Even though Licensed Physicians oversee the more critical patient care issues, most time spent with patients does go to NPs.

Speech-language pathologists: Projected Growth by 2028 – 27.3%

Speech-language pathologist assess and treat adults and children who have problems with speech and communication problems as well as swallowing disorders.  These disorders can manifest from various sources such as resulting from stroke, development issues, cognitive problems, or disease.  Speech-language pathologists can work in healthcare facilities with physicians and psychologists or in other institutions, like working with teacher in schools.


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