5 Reasons You Should Take a Healthcare Career Assessment

Published on: Jul 21, 2022

Healthcare Career Assesment-1

The medical field is a vast and rewarding industry. The opportunities are endless for those who want to dedicate their career to patient care. However, the number of options can be overwhelming for many looking to enter the field for the first time.

Healthcare career assessments are a valuable tool that many use to help provide guidance on both entering and advancing their career in the medical field. Here are five reasons you should consider taking one.

1. Pinpoint Strengths and Weaknesses
The good news is that medical professionals new and old have many different options when it comes to deciding what their next career move will be. Whether you like spending more time working directly with patients, improving policies in healthcare leadership, or developing new innovations in the lab, there are a lot of directions you can take your career based on your personal skillset. However, it can be very challenging for some of us to look inward and genuinely assess your strengths and weaknesses to decide which path to take.

A healthcare career assessment is a perfect chance see what skills you have to offer from a more objective point of view.  If you are a young professional starting your career in medicine, for example, you might learn that working in a lab will help you realize your passion for innovation, or you could discover that your soft skills make you best suited to working directly in patient care.

2. Narrow Down Specialty Choice
Identifying your underlying strengths and motivations will make it easier to narrow down which specialty area to focus on. If you work well with children, for example, you can choose a career in pediatrics; or if you work well under pressure and have fast decision-making skills, you might consider working in emergency medicine. Healthcare career assessments help you home in on your core skills, so you'll thrive in whatever area of medicine you choose.

3. Find Areas to Improve
If you have goals to grow in your current role or advance in your career, healthcare career assessments can provide valuable feedback to ensure you’re spending time developing where it counts.

Even if you’re content to stay in your current position, a career assessment can help you pinpoint areas that could use improvement so you can do your job more effectively, which will ultimately benefit you, your patients, and your team.

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4. Measure Your Soft Skills
Soft skills (sometimes referred to as people skills) are critical in medicine. Poor soft skills often result in a poor patient experience even with the most cutting-edge treatments and technology. Your ability to empathize, show humility, collaborate, and effectively communicate with others impacts patients, their families, and your team. A healthcare career assessment tests these soft skills and provides you with crucial feedback along with practical steps to help you improve them.

5. Create a Better Resume & Cover Letter
Job applications, resumes, and cover letters are challenging for most people, but a career assessment can help. Having a better handle on your core skills, strengths, and weaknesses makes it much easier to write a more accurate and meaningful resume and cover letter, and results in more effective job applications overall.

While a career assessment can’t always predict what job will make you happiest, it will provide you with the tools you need to make more informed decisions about your career. Whether you are just starting out on your healthcare journey, switching to another area of medicine, or just want to advance in the area of medicine you’re currently in, a healthcare career assessment might just be the thing you need to take things to the next level.


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