6 Hacks for Managing Recruitment Activities on Vacation

Written by: Alex Brown
Published on: Oct 25, 2021

winter vacation

Healthcare recruiters are busy these days. From sourcing candidates to evaluations to arranging interviews with hiring managers — recruiters have a lot going on. But the holiday season is coming up, and many people are taking some time off. Including recruiters like you.

So how can you maintain your recruiting momentum when you’re away from the office?

Here’s a list of six recruiting hacks that can allow you to keep the pipeline filled while you’re sipping a hot chocolate or tea.

1. Create a recruitment checklist to manage tasks prior to and after vacation

Being organized helps reduce stress while you are vacationing. Take the time to build a simple recruitment checklist so you’ll know exactly where your activities are when you return. This will help create a seamless transition back to work and provide a consistent track record of ongoing and upcoming tasks.

Items on the checklist can include:

  • Job description development and publishing
  • Interview scheduling
  • Candidate shortlists
  • Active offers

2. Build your candidate pool prior to vacation

Before you leave, build a candidate list with high quality leads that you can refer to when you return. This will reduce time spent searching profiles as you get back into work, minimizing post-break delays and giving you more time to talk with candidates about key roles.

This hack will help you throughout the year as well, as it will shorten the time it takes to find qualified candidates when a new position needs to be filled. (Be sure to review and update your list routinely to ensure you’ve got the freshest candidate pool.) 

3. Build a referral system

This hack is often overlooked but having an employee referral system in place will help widen your candidate pool when you return from vacation. Internal referrals shorten the candidate search and potentially assist with a more diverse candidate pool. Plus, the referrer is familiar with the person and possibly the position that needs filling, which helps in finding the perfect fit.

Building your system can accelerate qualifying leads when you get back to work and keep your candidate pool from drying up.   

4. Create multiple automated responses

Automation is key to maintaining your activities while you are away. Rather than setting up an out-of-office response for all your inbound communications with candidates, create a series of automated responses that will maintain an ongoing connection during your hiatus. Use email and messaging templates to provide general responses, direct candidates to applications or tests, and confirm interest in moving from one recruitment stage to the next. By automating responses, you move candidates closer to an interview without actually being in the office.

​​5. Use AI-powered recruiting tools

With another nod to automation, AI recruiting tools help maximize efficiency while you’re away – especially if you are involved in high-volume recruiting. The manual work of identifying quality leads, moving candidates from one stage to another, and sending communications can be automated or scheduled in advance of your vacation.

AI tools can also help with the following:

  • Automatically evaluate job applicants and assign a match score
  • Aggregate candidate profiles from your internal database
  • Automate job alerts for opportunities that align with candidates’ skills and experience

6. Deploy a chatbot for engagement

Recruiting chatbots have burst onto the scene, providing a way to automate conversations. With a 24/7 always available chatbot, you can continue to engage with candidates while you're away. A recruiting chatbot can provide job seekers with a means to find answers about open positions quickly and give you contact information for follow up when you return.


Employ these six hacks and enjoy your vacation! Before you head out, make sure to fill your pipeline by reaching active and passive job seekers on myHealthTalent.com. Explore your options today.