6 Pandemic Safe Healthcare Jobs

Published on: Oct 15, 2020

Pandemic Safe Jobs

We are currently in the eighth month of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the United States. Over 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment since this all began.  The healthcare industry was once a beacon of job security and unhindered growth.  But that was before the great pandemic of 2020.  This year has proved that outside of the staple roles of physician or nurse, only a few jobs could be considered safe. 

Here are 6 healthcare jobs that have proven to be pandemic safe:

  1. Medical Lab Technicians

Medical Lab Technicians are not on the front line battling the pandemic like a nurse or surgeon, but they are putting in a large amount of time and energy by conducting tests, through research, and sample collecting.  They are the main reason why we can determine if someone tests positive or not.  Lab Technicians are the essential bridge for communicating with other medical departments with regards to research findings and potential vaccine results.

  1. Medical Transcriptionists

The advantage of being a transcriptionist is that all responsibilities can be carried out remotely from an office or home that is far from the pandemic frontline.  Their focus is transcribing reports and writing documents that summarizes reporting detail.  This may be the most suited job for remote working in the healthcare industry.  There is always a need for reports to be transcribed and written, so there is no downtime, especially in a pandemic.

  1. Claims Processors - Medical

Medical claims processors will always be in high demand, especially amid a pandemic where a heightened percentage of the population is receiving medical care. When physicians or other healthcare workers provide you with medical attention, the services you received will be put together in what is known as a claim.

  1. Copywriters - Medical

Medical copywriting not only is always in demand.  Their main job is to distill medical news and ideas into more manageable content that eases comprehension. There is even truer in the age of digital media. They do provide healthcare content that is very useful for medical institutions and healthcare companies that is consistently in demand.

Lab Technicians

  1. Healthcare Data Analysts

Healthcare data analysts collect and analyze data from tests and studies for the purpose of helping and improving patient care.  Improving patient care rather than finding ways to better fight COVID-19 is the main distinction between analysts and lab technicians. 

  1. Epidemiologists

Probably at the top of the demand scale, come the epidemiologists.  Their focus is to research and think of ways to contain the spread of infectious disease such as COVID-19.  Epidemiologists share their knowledge with both healthcare and government leaders when dealing with epidemics and pandemics which is a key role when containing infectious diseases.

So, even in a pandemic that decimates an economy such as COVID-19, there are some jobs that will still be in high demand and are essentially pandemic proof. 

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