Case Study: Why Mountain Medical Group Has Partnered with Elsevier for Over 12 Years

Published on: Oct 5, 2017


Over Mountain Medical Group’s (MMG) 12 year partnership with Elsevier, the physician recruiting media landscape has changed drastically – First, the medium itself has seen a shift - from the early 2000’s when digital journals and apps were just entering the market to our current state, where, according to Kantar Media, 90% of physicians read print editions of peer reviewed journals, with 68% reading print and digital formats.

More recently, there has also been a shift in physician responses to online job postings and advertisements, with younger doctors responding to online ads with much greater frequency than years past.

With over 35 years of physician recruiting experience, MMG understands these trends - and they trust Elsevier to attract top physicians by placing their ads in highly visible, highly targeted arenas in both print and online platforms. And the partnership has seen strong results, including saving up to $6,000 for every day a search was shortened.

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Keeping Pace with an Evolving Internet

MMG is a dedicated Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for a large healthcare group in the Midwest. When MMG first partnered with Elsevier, printed display ads almost exclusively featured images of doctors and hospital buildings. Long-form advertisements described job details at length.

As a new generation of doctors graduated from medical school and the internet became a prominent tool in the physician recruitment arena, MMG relied on Elsevier to not only keep pace with evolving media trends, but also stay one step ahead of the competition with a range of targeted solutions.

Elsevier’s team of experts crafted customized advertising packages for MMG and revisits these frequently to ensure the strategy keeps up with industry trends. That’s why, for more than 12 years, the partnership has been a success, thanks to Elsevier’s multichannel reach and digital expertise.

Targeting an Exclusive Audience

A physician recruitment strategy can only be truly successful if it is able to take advantage of every available channel for reaching a targeted audience, from eNewsletters and job boards to career guides and peer-reviewed journals. This is a challenge, however, because advertisers must address each specialty in a unique manner. Elsevier’s breadth of publications overcomes this challenge by reaching a large audience while remaining targeted to each specialty.

“To get our organization’s name out there, it helps to be seen in multiple arenas,” said Rochelle Woods, physician recruiter and founder of MMG.

Woods only wants the best of the best, and Elsevier’s targeted approach helps her cherry pick highly desirable candidates. Consider this: Most hiring managers need to screen approximately 24 candidates for each position, and then conduct 6 rounds of interviews before providing an offer – a laborious and time-intensive endeavor. However, with Elsevier as her recruiting partner, Woods feels the need to only screen roughly 10 candidates before presenting a name to the hiring managers at the healthcare group, and only conducts 1.5 rounds of interviewing before a placement. This reduced time to hire is the result of the quality of the applicants and her careful pre-screening.

In order to be selective, Woods relies on her advertisements casting a wide enough net to capture a representative selection of candidates in the marketplace.

Woods originally chose Elsevier because its name is held in high regard in the medical community. Medical students use Elsevier products throughout their school careers and often maintain subscriptions to Elsevier journals for their entire professional lives.

Providing Professional, Friendly Service

Woods’ team at MMG loves working with Elsevier because the partnership is founded on respect.

Elsevier maintains its client relationships with care. When MMG needs to find a cardiologist, Elsevier assigns an expert in that specialty and often uses its long-held affiliation with societies, such as the American College of Cardiology, to find qualified candidates.

Time and money are significant factors in any physician search. For example, the absence of a highly trained and experienced cardiologist can cost an organization roughly $6,000 a day, according to Merritt Hawkins. Considering the average search for an invasive cardiologist is 160 days, that means it costs nearly $1 million to recruit one specialist. With Elsevier, an organization like MMG can advertise across multiple channels, including the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, to find extremely qualified candidates quickly, potentially saving $6,000 a day.

So it’s easy to see why MMG has trusted in Elsevier’s results-driven media buying strategies for over 12 years, and Elsevier looks forward to helping MMG place candidates for many more years to come. Read this case study to learn why MMG trusts Elsevier to attract top physicians.