How AI can help medical recruiters get more done

Published on: Mar 25, 2019


In recent years, developments in artificial intelligence solutions have brought considerable advantages to almost every industry. From search engines to product recommendations, we encounter smart technologies every day.

Medical recruiters can leverage this emerging field of technology to get more done and engage candidates on a whole new level.

Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks

One of the biggest advantages of AI is its ability to automate tasks that drain recruiter resources. Reading resumes, scheduling interviews and responding to inquiries are a few examples of rote tasks that can eat up a significant portion of a recruiter's day.

By integrating AI solutions into the day's workflow, recruiters can reclaim this valuable time to focus on more important tasks like making deep connections with qualified candidates. In fact, many cloud-based HR software solutions now include AI support as a standard feature.

AI can support recruiters by handling tedious tasks.AI can support recruiters by handling tedious tasks.

Standardize the screening process

Screening candidates is a time-consuming process with many opportunities for inconsistencies. When recruiters do their best to maintain an objective viewpoint, there's still a chance that some unconscious bias might affect the results. Human resources expert and Recruiting Daily contributor Thomas Tracy noted that veteran recruiters can fall into the trap of relying too much on intuition to make hiring decisions.

AI solutions can solve this issue by bringing data-driven objectivity to the screening process. When a machine views applications, it uses exactly the same criteria to judge each one. There's no intuition to get in the way. Keep in mind that modern AI algorithms aren't perfect - so a human should always review AI results.

Develop better job descriptions

When job descriptions don't match up with the actual expectations of position, it's a problem for everyone involved. Not only will the recruit feel out of place and over- or under-qualified, but the employer will likely end up paying more when the new hire inevitably leaves for another job.

AI can help recruiters develop more effective job descriptions - and application materials - by scanning similar job descriptions on the internet. This type of AI solution uses machine learning to learn familiar phrases and patterns from existing descriptions to produce a new description. Some services will even identify language that tends to appeal to one gender over another and offer suggestions to make the language gender neutral.

Before you can engage candidates with the tactics and technologies above, you need a steady supply of talented applicants. To extend the visibility of your medical job postings, work with today. By building AI solutions into the day’s workflow, recruiters can reclaim valuable time to focus on more important tasks.