How can medical recruiters connect with conference attendees?

Published on: Feb 14, 2019


The practice of medicine is built upon two pillars: scientific research and interpersonal relationships. Physicians, surgeons and nurses not only interact with patients every day, but also teams of support staff and other medical professionals. Conferences provide a platform for these individuals to share ideas, deepen their understanding of clinical issues and forge new connections with like-minded people.

For medical recruiters, conferences represent an incredible opportunity to network with potential candidates, promote their facility, and spread brand awareness.

Who attends medical conferences?

The majority of physicians attend at least one medical conference annually. In fact, a 2016 report from life science technology company Veeva revealed that 51.9 percent of physicians attended between one and three conferences that year, with 23.8 percent attending four to six events and 20.7 percent attending seven or more.

Conferences give attendees a chance to network with professionals from across the country.Conferences give attendees a chance to network with professionals from across the globe.

What are the goals of a medical conference?

Generally, medical conferences are organized to perpetuate clinical education and promote technical skill development among healthcare providers. Event attendees sit in on lectures, seminars and workshops where they have chances to learn from credible experts in their specialty.

Beyond education purposes, healthcare professionals (HCPs) attend conferences to meet with colleagues from around the world and network with new connections. The entertainment and leisure activities surrounding a conference provide a space for HCPs to discuss their work in a relaxed, welcoming setting.

How do event attendees learn about new job opportunities?

Though attendees may utilize job boards and other methods to learn about new job opportunities, conferences provide a valuable face-to-face opportunity for physicians to network with colleagues, recruiters and hiring managers.

According to the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters 2018 Benchmarking Report, referrals represent the method used to fill 18.1 percent of medical positions, second only to online job boards. The opportunity for face-to-face interactions drives job seekers to build their networks at events. Content supplied at these events can support networking efforts as well. Recruiters can build brand awareness and promote their job openings through sponsored content.

Every year, Elsevier publishes dozens of career guides, each focusing on a specific medical specialty. In addition to being available online, these guides are distributed to attendees at leading medical conferences and events across the country. To learn more about placing an advertisement in a 2019 career guide, contact Samantha Aballo at For medical recruiters, conferences represent an opportunity to network with potential candidates and spread brand awareness.