How to develop a content strategy that supports your recruitment goals

Published on: Jan 10, 2019


When recruiters have the support of a strong content strategy, they can see more opportunities to engage with candidates in meaningful ways. Content can educate and inspire readers to connect with your brand.

After you've clearly defined your target audience, it's time to start building your content strategy.

Share the story of your brand

There's no shortage of recruiting brands out there, so why should candidates choose yours? This is a question recruiters must answer over and over again as they forge new relationships with medical professionals. Having a content strategy that supports this conversation can be beneficial to both parties.

For example, if a candidate is on the fence about working with you, you can send them content that details how your organization got to where it is today. Showing your brand values can encourage candidates to learn more about what makes working with you special.

Blog content can keep your talent pool engaged.Blog content can keep your talent pool engaged.

Talk about trends on your blog

A blog is a great place to establish your thought leadership and discuss important trends in your niche of the medical industry. By demonstrating that your brand has a finger to the pulse of the industry, you show candidates that you are trustworthy. No one wants to work with a recruiter who is out of touch with market conditions.

Use your blog platform to let candidates know what you think about current trends. Showcase your personality and you'll see more opportunities to work with candidates who share your views. By aligning with candidates in this manner, you can build trust from the very beginning of the relationship.

Don't shy away from social media

When it comes to content, social media can serve two purposes. On one hand, it provides a platform to promote your content. When you publish an article on your website, you can share it via your social channels.

On the other hand, you can spark conversations in a setting that is familiar to candidates. When something interesting happens in your niche space, you can solicit opinions and build relationships in real time.

You can apply the same tactics to your job listings. When a new position becomes available, you can engage your talent pool via social media. By increasing transparency throughout the recruitment process, you not only build trust with candidates, but also gain insights into how you can improve processes. For example, if you post a position and several people ask the same questions about it - you'll know to include that information the next time you post a job.

A content strategy can support the leads you generate from your job postings. Learn more about how to develop an engaging recruitment roadmap. When recruiters have the support of a strong content strategy, they can see more opportunities to engage with candidates in meaningful ways.