How to entice professionals from out of state

Published on: Apr 18, 2017

Move out of state

Physician turnover rates may be lower than positions in other industries, but the skills they possess make replacing them increasingly difficult. According to The Hospitalist, the average physician turnover rate at hospital medicine groups is 6.9 percent.

Of that percentage, many professionals may be looking for opportunities out of state. Lower income taxes, better quality of life and cost of living are just a few of the factors that may entice physicians over state lines.

Why physicians want to move between states

Depending on the state, doctors could increase their income or significantly decrease their cost of living. Doctors may wish to move across state lines for better quality of life.

For example, an experienced dermatologist may be interested in moving to Florida because he or she heard that the average salary for a dermatologist is $317,380 in Boca Raton and the cost of living in the suburbs of nearby Fort Lauderdale is more affordable than other major U.S. cities.

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Physician recruitment strategies should take financial considerations into account when attempting to pull professionals from other states. Highlighting salary figures and cost of living estimates in a job description could attract more inquiries.

Another thing to consider is generational changes. As millennial medical students graduate from school and look for physician jobs, they may be willing to cross state lines for a better life. According to Business News Daily, 85 percent of surveyed millennials workers said they would move to a new state for a job.

When directing your physician recruitment strategies toward millennials, keep these insights in mind, and structure your job listings accordingly. Millennials like to feel valued, and they also want to feel like they bring value to an employer. For physicians, that could mean highlighting the mentorship of more experienced partners at the organization.

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