How to Land a Medical Job Through Job Boards

Written by: Dr. Nisha Cooch
Published on: Apr 1, 2021

Healthcare Job Boards

Many people in the medical field assume that job boards do not offer a fruitful route to landing a job. For some jobs in healthcare, there has certainly been a more traditional route to employment than digital job boards. Within and outside of healthcare, job boards can feel like the wild, wild west, with many people finding them difficult to navigate and feeling like they are throwing their credentials and cover letters into a dark abyss.

It turns out, though, that people do in fact get hired into medical jobs through job boards, without previously knowing the people at the receiving end of the applications. It is important to note though, that it is not random whose applications gets selected from job boards and whose do not. Here are some tips to improve your chances of hearing back about a job that was posted on a job board:

  1. Consider the specific words you use. Increasingly, job applications that are submitted online are filtered through automated systems that help employers identify the applicants that are most likely to be the best fit for the relevant role. This process cuts down on the time and resources organizations need to sift through applications, but it also means that talent can slip through the cracks if the automated systems that process the applications fail to recognize someone as a good applicant.

The best way to ensure that your application does not get tagged for the digital trash can is to match the words you use to the words in the job posting. Be sure to include words in the job title and description. You may even want to look up keywords that are associated with the type of job you are applying for and find ways to incorporate those words into your application. While you want to be sure to include as many of these words as possible, you also need to be sure that the words aren’t awkwardly stuffed in but used in a natural way that will make sense to a human who may eventually look at your application.

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  1. Present professionally. In the case that your application does make its way to human eyes, it’s important that your application looks clean and professional. The different pieces of it, including your resume, should be organized, flow well, attractive, and well-formatted. Even if your application is packed with impressive content that highlights your incredibly relevant experience, if it is a mess to look at, people are likely to choose to look away.
  1. Follow up. If you can identify people at the organization to which you are applying, it could also help to reach out to them with a phone call or email so that they are able to override any electronic system that filters applications if they are interested in interviewing you. It can also be helpful to reach out to anyone in your network who may know someone at the organization to have them send along some positive words about your candidacy as well.

Takeaway: If you are seeking a job in a medical field, you should not shy away from job boards. While they can feel impersonal and daunting, they also tend to offer many opportunities. By strategically approaching the job board application process, you may end up landing a job that’s a great fit for you.

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