Marketing Your Dermatology Practice to Prospective Employees — 4 Keys to Success

Written by: Alex Brown
Published on: Apr 5, 2022

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Finding prospective employees can be a challenge in today's tight labor market, but finding the right talent is critical to your practice. They set the tone and overall impression of your business and are often the first person that a new patient meets. A bad fit could have serious repercussions for both your patients and fellow employees. By utilizing strong marketing techniques, you can gather a wide pool of candidates, and also find the one that works best for your business.

Here are the top four tips for marketing your dermatology practice to potential employees so that you can find the perfect match for your business.

Know Who You Want

Many offices have one or more employees who don’t outright partake in fireable offenses but also don’t represent the business in the best possible light. This type of employee is usually the result of poor hiring practices.

Many bad hires come from a lack of vision of who you want working for you. If you don’t know what you are looking for, it will be challenging to create a marketing plan that will attract them.

Your marketing practices should seek to attract applicants with specific skills and personalities. Get clear on who exactly you want, then develop your marketing strategy from there.

Use Social Media to Attract Candidates

Do you make your practice look like a place a star employee would want to work? Prospective recruits will likely look at your practice’s social media accounts. Ensure that your business will motivate them to apply.

Post pictures that capture the service culture in your business, and craft enticing posts about your team and company.  For example, have employees post their testimonials about working for your practice, do a shout-out to your employee of the month, and post about events and trainings your employees attend.

Go out of your way to craft a social media page that captures an inviting culture that supports team members. Doing so will attract like-minded and service-oriented employees.

Choose Your Language Carefully

Typically, prospective employees will search online by keywords, so be specific in your job description. Your description should highlight the personality traits and skill sets you are looking for rather than simply the job functions. Job skills can be taught to the right person. However, character is not something you can instill in your employees.

Rewarding carriers are attractive to potential employees. Be sure to attract the right candidates by letting them know what they can achieve by working for you. Be clear about what you expect them to contribute to the practice and that rewards are available for those who do, whether monetary or emotional.

Track Your Resources and Strategies

Successful dermatology practices keep track of their referral sources, patient reviews, conversion rates, etc. Likewise, utilize these same strategies when marketing to the right employees. Track which strategies, resources, and phrasing are most effective when marketing your business to potential staff members.

Don’t start from scratch each time you need to hire a new staff member. Tracking can help you create a blueprint for recruiting in the future. You can put more of your effort toward high-value lead sources and refine your hiring strategy to have a good hire each time.

Finding the right staff members for your dermatology practice can be a challenge. The right marketing techniques will do more than simply attract many different candidates. They will attract good hires for the long term. Putting specific practices in place can capture ideal candidates in even the tightest market.

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