Medical networking 101: How to grow your professional circle

Published on: Dec 26, 2017


As with any career path, finding a new position is often about who you know. Though the medical profession may require an extensive education and qualifications, you'll still need to develop a strong professional network to find your dream job.

Here are a few ways you can grow your medical professional network:

Consider locum tenens work

One way to grow your professional network beyond its current bounds is to take a step outside your comfort zone. Locum tenens work effectively removes you from your current space and inserts you into a brand new environment, full of fresh faces and new opportunities.

If you choose to expand your horizons in this way, you won't be alone. BMJ reported that the number of locum tenens doctors doubled between 2009 and 2016. Some medical professionals even make a career out of travel work. You'll never grow tired of your routine, because there's always a change to look for on the horizon - plus you'll meet lots of interesting professionals to add to your network.

Sites like Doximity and Sermo connect medical professionals across the globe.Sites like Doximity and Sermo connect medical professionals across the globe.

Expand your digital presence

If moving across the state - or across the country - isn't right for you, there are plenty of ways to meet new people without leaving home. A number of professional social networks exist online and many of them are targeted toward physicians and nurses.

If you want to go international, consider Sermo - the largest medical social media network in the world. On the site, physicians pose questions, discuss the latest pharmaceutical developments and help one another grow as professionals.

Physicians should also consider using sites such as LinkedIn to find professional associations. Membership to these organizations not only looks good on your curriculum vitae, but also expands your ability to connect with professionals near and far.

Join a professional organization

Online groups aren't the only way you can network. Joining a professional organization is a tried and true method of connecting with other physicians in your own city. As the blog Physicians Practice pointed out, membership to an organization gives you the opportunities to attend conferences, learn about social functions and attend seminars.

You may even consider taking up a leadership role within the organization. Sharing your own knowledge with colleagues is a sure way to stand out above the crowd.

Last but not least, if one of your main reasons for expanding your network is for a career change, make sure you also add a few well-connected physician recruiters to your network, consider browsing the employer listings on medical job boards. Visit today to get started. As with any career path, finding a new position is often about who you know.