Nurse Practitioner Specialties: Finding a job to match your skills

Published on: May 16, 2017

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Expanding your skills could help you qualify for a better-paying nurse practitioner job. With dozens of specialty certifications available, you can follow a career path that will satisfy your personal ambitions and your financial goals.

For nurse practitioners considering going back to school…

Advancing your education could be the best way to a better career. Advance practice registered nurses have more responsibilities than other RNs, but are well compensated for their capabilities. If you’ve completed your regular training and have some experience in real clinical environments, going back to school for a specialty could be a smart choice.

What nurse practitioner specialties exist? Here are a few of the most popular specialty certifications, according to Nurse Practitioner Schools:

  • Acute Care: Nurses in this specialty treat patients with short-term illnesses. They tend to work from outpatient centers, emergency rooms or mental health clinics. Acute care nurse practitioners see a wide variety of cases every day.
  • Emergency: This specialty also deals with short-term cases but exclusively within an emergency setting. It’s an intense job that requires extreme dedication and a passion for learning.
  • Neonatal: If you’re interested in working with infants, a neonatal specialty may be right for you. Responsibilities can include working with neonatal intensive care units and interfacing with parents about important health issues.
  • Pediatric: The pediatric specialty certification opens up a number of doors. Pediatric nurse practitioners can conduct regular checkups, treat chronic illnesses or work in underdeveloped communities.
  • Psychiatric: This specialty focuses on mental health needs. Responsibilities can include conducting psychiatric therapy sessions, treating substance abuse issues and case management.

This list only covers a few of the many nurse practitioner specialty certificates available. You can learn more by checking out the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

For nurse practitioners with advanced education...

If you’ve recently obtained a specialty certification, it’s time to start seeing what kind of new career opportunities have opened up. So polish your resume and check out a job board today!

In March 2017, the median salary for nurse practitioners in the U.S. was $101,221. For neonatal nurse practitioners, it was $115,254. This shows that advanced specialty certifications could help you achieve your financial goals.

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