Physician recruiters: How to write better recruiting subject lines

Published on: Apr 23, 2018


The subject line of a physician job listing may be its most important feature. It draws in readers and encourages them to take action.

Set your goals

As you write your job listing, define exactly what you want to achieve. Ultimately, you want to hire an outstanding candidate - but try taking a few steps back. You want candidates to read your subject line and take action. That action could be to reply to your ad, or it could be to pass the ad along to a coworker. Your title should draw readers in, and the body copy should encourage this type of behavior.

Think about your recruiting brand

Though the main goal of your recruiting campaign is to attract qualified candidates, you'll want to ensure that every interaction with your brand is positive. By doing so, you increase the likelihood that your readers will spread the word about your listing to their friends and colleagues.

In the body of your job posting, be sure to insert your company's logo. According to CareerBuilder, job listings that feature logos receive 13 to 21 percent more applications than those without logos. Including this asset shows potential candidates that your organization is established and values professionalism.

doctor working at a laptopThe main goal of your listing is to encourage the reader to take an action.

Get specific

An effective recruiting subject line clearly states the title of the position, the location of the hiring organization and compensation-related information. If possible, recruiters should include specific salary ranges. If not, use compensation related words such as "high-earning" or "lucrative." Likewise, recruiters should utilize the second-person when addressing potential candidates. Using words like "you" actively engages the reader and encourages him or her to imagine themselves in the new position.

When writing the body of your physician job listing, focus on the specifics. Try to anticipate what kind of questions a candidate may have about the position, and answer as many as you can within the body of your listing. Use subheads to make the information easier to digest.

Encourage action

Above all, your listings should encourage readers to take action. According to recruiting expert Lou Adler, only 15 percent of people who view a job listing actually apply for the position. You cannot expect readers to apply, you need to tell them to do so. Be sure to include a call-to-action at the end of every listing.

Ready to try these tips and test the results? Consider posting your next physician job listing on The subject line of a physician job listing may be its most important feature. It draws in readers and encourages them to take an action.