Recruiters: The importance of dental networking

Published on: Mar 19, 2018


Reaching dental candidates is easy, but finding the most qualified candidates is a challenge. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), there were 24,677 students enrolled in predoctoral dental education programs during the 2016-17 academic year. With so many graduates on the horizon, recruiters will have their hands full in coming years.

To make the best recruiting decisions, professional recruiters will need to leverage high-yield channels such as medical-specific job boards and dental meetings.

The search for qualified candidates

Finding qualified dental candidates is a challenge because there are so many channels available today. From online recruiting platforms to local networking events, there are more opportunities for finding candidates than ever before. However, this increase in options isn't necessarily a good thing - indeed, it could make things more difficult for recruiters. After all, if you can only focus your attention on one or two recruiting channels, you could miss out on valuable candidates.

To ensure greater success, work with a trusted partner who allows you to reach only the most qualified dentists.

suited man speaking at a conferenceAttending dental meetings is a great way to network with qualified candidatAttending dental meetings

Today, professional networking is often thought of as an online activity. Physician recruiters are no strangers to crammed inboxes and dozens of LinkedIn connection requests. At a certain point, however, all of that online activity turns into white noise, and it's hard to separate qualified candidates from the unqualified.

In-person networking opportunities are important because they allow you to make a deeper connection more quickly. In fact, 68 percent of entry-level professionals prefer to network face-to-face rather than online, according to Ryze.

Throughout the year, there are many dental-specific medical conferences held throughout the U.S. Recruiters should consider attending these events to build their network of possible candidates and take advantage of targeted advertising opportunities available at these conferences - such as a Career Guide that gets distributed directly to the attendees. Looking for the next dental meeting? The ADA is a great resource to learn about networking events.

Utilizing online resources

Though professional networking sites like LinkedIn are important resources, there are more targeted channels available to physician recruiters. For example, physician-specific job boards such as myHealthTalent allow recruiters to pinpoint their searches, bypassing general job seekers in favor of qualified dental candidates.

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