Recruitment spotlight: Dentists

Published on: Aug 30, 2017


The demand for skilled dentists is expanding. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an expected 18 percent job growth for dentists between 2014 and 2024, far surpassing the 7 percent growth rate for all jobs.

To expedite your next dentist search, follow these guidelines:

Define the role

It would be a mistake to lump every dental position into the same category. Rather than making a template for your job descriptions, it's much better to draft a completely unique listing for each open job.

For example, Dentistry IQ recommended highlighting position-specific details such as what kind of training will be required, what metrics will indicate success in the position as well as a description of the office's internal culture. A dental office near a retirement community will have a much different set of job performance expectations compared to those of an office in a highly-populated suburban school district, for instance.

These details will screen out candidates who may be qualified for the position, but disinterested in the working environment.

Dentists must be personable as well as medically skilled.Dentists must be personable as well as medically skilled.

Put greater emphasis on the interview

Dentistry is a people-focused field - indeed, there are many parallels between dental work and a typical customer service job. Each position requires constant, friendly communication with clientele. A dentist must be able to keep up a pleasant conversation during each visit.

During the initial interview process, devote some time to asking questions about customer-relations. It's just as integral to the job as some of the technical skills. You can always follow up with each candidate regarding credentials, licensure and experience, but you have few chances to hold a prolonged conversation with them prior to making your hiring decision.

Focus on regional education programs

Modern Dental Network suggested that every dental office maintain a relationship with local dental educational programs. These may range from dental schools to hygienist programs. Check in on the relationship frequently and make contact with promising students. They'll be eager to network with an established professional, and you may find a promising graduate.

You should also advertise open positions online and in print media. A multi-channel approach can cast a wide, yet targeted net.

For instance, dental students likely became familiar with Elsevier products throughout their undergraduate and graduate studies. Advertising in an Elsevier journal automatically places you in a position of trust with new candidates. Similarly, the myHealthTalent job board can give you access to a wide audience of dentist readers.

To find your ideal candidate, advertise your position with a name dentists trust: Elsevier. Learn more at To expedite your next dentist search, follow these guidelines.