Targeting mobile readers: How to find physician candidates anywhere

Published on: Sep 26, 2017


There are few aspects of the medical industry that haven't been touched by the influencing force of mobile technology. From smartphone-enabled electronic health record technology to mHealth applications, physicians and patients are using their phones to connect in previously impossible ways. The Financial Times even predicted that doctors will soon use smartphones and connected technology to run routine examinations and perform DNA sequencing. Now it's time for physician recruiters to get in on the action.

More than ever before, physicians use smartphones and tablets to access peer-reviewed and expert-curated content, peruse job listings and much more. This paradigm shift represents an amazing opportunity for reaching a targeted audience through multiple channels. Keep reading to find out how you can utilize mobile technology to discover qualified candidates and reduce time-to-hire.

Peer-reviewed content on the go

Determining which media channels are most relevant to your audience is a challenging task on its own - that's why a holistic multi-channel approach is so appealing. Rather than only targeting physicians through print ads or online display ads, this approach uses almost every available platform to find physician candidates in passive and active settings.

"Mobile technology can help you reach passive and active job seekers."

A passive setting is one in which the reader isn't currently looking for a new position, but may be persuaded to do so by the right argument. A prime example would be physicians reading the latest articles in a peer-reviewed journal. While they keep up-to-date with current medical trends, they might stumble upon a job listing that piques their interest. At the other end of the spectrum are job boards, an onlinesetting where physician candidates are actively looking for new opportunities.

A Kantar Media survey found that 81 percent of physicians use smartphones for professional purposes, including reading about medical news. This represents an important new arena for recruiters. If you want your message to be heard by a large, targeted audience, then you can't ignore mobile-optimized content.

Email alerts for quicker response time

Mobile-optimized job boards such as give physician job seekers the ability to receive email job alerts on their mobile devices in real time, which could reduce the time it takes to generate leads. Rather than trawling through listings which may or may not be relevant to their search, candidates have instant access to job listings that are most likely to interest them.

Physician recruiters should consider posting on medical job boards to spread their messaging to the widest audience, while remaining in a targeted arena. To learn more, visit today. There are few aspects of the medical industry that haven't been touched by the influencing force of mobile technology.