The Most Read Articles of 2020

Published on: Dec 24, 2020

Most Read of 2020

From the COVID-19 pandemic, to the economy, to the labor force, 2020 was one of the most challenging years in recent history.  As we look forward to 2021, let us review the top 10 articles that kept our readers engaged on myHealthTalent.

  1. The 4 Highest Paying Dental Jobs for 2020

Dentistry will grow faster than average and demand will grow as the population ages and as research continues to link overall health to oral health.

  1. The Best Ways Nurses Can Work from Home

If you are a nurse and want to use your nursing skills to do something other than provide in-person clinical care, here are some options for you to consider.

  1. 3 Things Healthcare Job Seekers Should Not Include on Their Resumes

Healthcare job applicants need to include the right information in their resumes if they are going to successfully land jobs.

  1. Need for Telemedicine During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to cause an expansion in telemedicine that may last long after the relevant surge in healthcare needs has passed.

  1. 3 Side Jobs for Medical Residents to Consider During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For residents who are unable to continue with their anticipated training in the short-term due to COVID-19, there are ways to spend the extra time that can help boost your career in the long-term.

  1. 3 Well-Paying (Non-Physician) Careers in the Healthcare Field

You do not need to be a physician to establish a high paying career within the healthcare field.

  1. 6 Pandemic Safe Healthcare Jobs

Even in a pandemic that decimates an economy such as COVID-19, there are some jobs that will still be in high demand and are essentially pandemic proof.

  1. Dr. Executive: The Growing Popularity of the MD/MBA

Many physicians go on to pursue additional degrees after medical school, such as a PhD or MPH, but until recently doctors with MBAs were few and far between. The demand for business training among providers has exploded in the past decade.

  1. Where are the best paying jobs for dermatologists?

The national average salary for dermatologists is $293,610, according to Glassdoor. You should note, however, that salaries vary drastically based on experience level, location, and other factors.

  1. 3 Important Non-Clinical Skills Healthcare Recruiters are Looking For

Here are three of the most important things that healthcare recruiters and employers in the medical industry look for in job applicants in addition to workers’ technical prowess.