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The Top 3 Side Hustles for Nurses

Written by: Alex Brown
Published on: May 17, 2023

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Whether you want to pay down debt, save up for a new trip, or just try something new, a side gig could be the perfect way to save up and add some variety to your life.

If you're considering adding an income stream, you're not alone: about 45% of Americans have a side hustle today. The good news is that the education and skills you learned in nursing translate perfectly for many side gigs. Here are the top three top side gigs for nurses today.

1. Freelance Medical Writing
Freelance writing is a lucrative side job, especially for medical professionals. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a medical writer is $101,479 a year, which equals an average rate of $49 an hour. Medical writers tend to command higher rates than typical freelance writers because of their specialized education. As a nurse, you’ll likely have the credentials that many clients want for your advice and insights.

If you enjoy writing, this just might be the perfect side gig. It provides flexibility so you can skip clocking in and out at a set time. Plus, there are plenty of different kinds of writing you can focus on, suited to your strengths and interests. From articles for various media companies, to social media and website content for healthcare organizations, medical writers have many options.

2. Medical Transcriber
Medical transcription is another side gig perfect for nurses. With a background in science and medicine, many nurses find transcribing medical documents a natural fit. There are also a lot of transcription opportunities. From doctors' notes to medical research at universities, many people need their audio files converted into written documents.

There are transcription courses you can complete in just months to help you command higher rates for your services. While some transcription jobs are at medical offices, there are many work-from-home and independent contractor opportunities out there, and they actually tend to pay more. Some nurses earn as much as $1000 a month part-time working in medical transcription.

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3. Health Coach
Many of the health problems facing Americans today result from poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Researchers estimate that Americans could add up to 13 years to their lives with simple changes. As a health coach, you can help patients before they become a statistic by giving them valuable information and motivation to make these positive changes. Health coaches are in high demand: 60% of Americans in one survey said they would like one, but 80% said they’ve never been offered the service.

As a nurse, you can use your clinical knowledge of patient assessment, intervention, planning, and careful evaluation to help patients make real, lasting changes in their diet, stress levels, and physical activity. It is also a fairly well-paying side gig with an average salary of $30 an hour.

Find the Right Nursing Side Gig for You
The skills and expertise you gain as a nurse can be used for a wide variety of side gigs. A flexible second job is a great way to earn extra income on top of your full-time job. It can also be a great chance to expand your skill set, channel your creativity, or even find a new career!

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