Top 4 Non-Financial Reasons to Choose a Medical Career

Written by: Alex Brown
Published on: Sep 23, 2021

Non-Financial Reasons for Medical Career

A career in the medical field has long been a respected choice by many people. Individuals choose to go into medicine for a variety of reasons and, while making lots of money may be a motivating factor for some people seeking certain positions, it is often for non-financial reasons that many enter the medical field.

The healthcare profession is not an easy one. Long hours, frazzled emotions, and urgent demands can put a toll on morale at times. So, what motivates healthcare professionals to do what they do?

Here are four of the top reasons many offer for getting into this rewarding yet challenging occupation, in no specific order. 

Constant Learning

The medical field is always moving. Each day can bring new scenarios, unforeseen changes, or novel responses as situations that may require a new understanding. Patient cases can prompt new diagnoses, new or improved interventions, or public health challenges (think, COVID-19).

As such, many on the care team need “just in time” training to keep up with the evolving scope of healthcare. If you enjoy the challenge of learning in real time as you respond to new situations then a job in healthcare may fit your personality.

Job Security

The general public will always need health services. Even though conditions may change – such as the loss of many nurse positions at the beginning of the pandemic – during the hardest times in history, medical jobs have always been necessary.

Magnifying that need is a potential growing shortage of physicians and other healthcare professionals on the horizon. Combine that with a healthcare industry expected to add more jobs than any other occupational group. This all means your job is secure for years to come.

Keep in mind that rising demand often has an impact on salary demands. So you’ve got job security and a potential rise in income to look forward to if you choose the medical field.

Non-Financial Reasons

Available Options

The healthcare field is one of the few around that offers a stable role but also opportunities to move in different directions within the same organization. From radiology to obstetrics to senior care, a healthcare career enables you to choose how you want to serve people and pursue what interests you most.

And with experience in certain positions, you can educate others, providing you with additional opportunities outside the care setting. You don't have to grow disenchanted with a particular role because you can often change course and pursue a new specialty.

Impact on People

The final reason is often the most popular reason to choose a medical career: helping people recover from injury and illness. The ability to help with the healing process and play an important role in patient care often drives many medical students.

What other industry gives you a chance to save lives or bring new life into the world? The joyful rewards are plenty.

Unfortunately, there are also times where you may have to speak to a patient’s family/friends during a difficult time. But the phrase “make a difference in my patient’s lives” is a common motivator to make it through those hard times.

Although assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients comes with a great deal of responsibility and accountability, having a role in improving health outcomes is extremely rewarding. The bottom line is if it were not for those who choose a career in healthcare, many peoples’ lives would likely be drastically different.