What are the best cities for allergists?

Published on: Mar 24, 2017


As allergists understand, sensitivities to pollen, dust, dander and mold spores happen throughout the year. In the spring and fall, however, more people may look for allergy relief. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the three worst cities for fall allergies in 2016 were Jackson, Mississippi, Memphis, Tennessee and McAllen, Texas.

Using this as a jumping off point, take a look at some of the best cities for allergists:


In Mississippi, trees and weeds are the biggest allergen culprits, according to PollenLibrary. In Jackson, allergists have an average yearly salary of $211,269 as of mid-January 2017, consulting firm Salary.com reported. However, salaries may be higher in Southaven, Mississippi, a southern suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. In Southaven, the average salary is $219,466.


In western Tennessee, major allergens include ash trees, ragweed and winter bentgrass. Allergists in Memphis earn an average salary of $222,459. In Knoxville salaries average $219,565 and in Chattanooga, $217,285. These may not be the highest paying jobs for allergists, but cost of living is quite affordable in Tennessee's major cities. For instance, in Memphis, the median home price is $79,200, according to Zillow.


McAllen, a city on the Texas/Mexico border, is home to some of the worst allergens in the state, perhaps because of the Gulf breeze. In McAllen, allergists make an average $198,169 per year. According to Zillow, the average home price in McAllen is $117,700. In larger Texas cities, such as San Antonio and Austin, average salaries are somewhat higher, at $232,988 and $225,586, respectively.


Kentucky is famous for its bluegrass, which produces more pollen than any other type of grass in the U.S., according to the University of Nebraska. In Louisville allergist salaries average $224,096. Zillow reported that the median home price in Louisville is $129,900.

New York

Syracuse may have some of the highest pollen counts in New York, but the city's average salary for allergists - $229,053 - isn't the highest in the state. In New York City, where the cost of living is much higher, allergists can make an average of $270,403. NYC has some of the highest paying jobs for allergists in the country.


Fresno is home to curly bluegrass, which likely contributes to high pollen counts in the autumn. Allergists in the area make an average $233,776 per year. About 200 miles to the north, in San Francisco, Allergists make about $288,653 per year. In southern California, where dust is a much higher factor, allergists earn a yearly average of $258,206.

Well-paying allergist jobs can be found around the country, but to take full advantage of the compensation, it's important to find a city that meets your standard of living requirements. The size of your family and the type of community you want to live in will be primary factors to consider as you look for the next step of your career.

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