Where are the best paying jobs for dermatologists?

Published on: Mar 21, 2017

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The national average salary for dermatologists is $293,610, according to Glassdoor. You should note, however, that salaries vary drastically based on experience level, location and other factors. If you're looking to earn a salary that surpasses the national average, consider these locations:


The Midwest has a great ratio of high-paying dermatology jobs to low cost of living. Consulting firm Salary.com reported that average dermatologist salaries in Des Moines and the northern suburb of Ankeny are roughly $314,600. Meanwhile, the median listing price for a home in Des Moines is $121,900, according to Zillow.


In Missouri, dermatologists have more opportunities to beat the national average. In Kansas City, the average yearly salary is about $308,694. In Springfield it's $310,373. Those looking for positions in Saint Louis can find salaries averaging $314,462.


The Pacific northwest features a number of great communities - big and small - in need of dermatologists. In Salem, salaries average $318,554, in Eugene, $328,844 and in Portland, $329,887. Each of these cities offers a slightly different blend of metropolitan life and outdoor living.


As with Oregon, Washington has a number of welcoming communities outside of the state capital. Washington has no income tax, which may make it a more desirable destination to those looking to move. In Yakima, just 60 miles southeast of Mount Rainier, dermatologist salaries average $330,168. In Tacoma, the average salary is $341,084 and in Seattle, it's $346,395.


One of the largest states in the country, Texas is home to many cities that beat the national average for the highest paying jobs in the healthcare industry. Of note are Arlington, a suburb of Fort Worth, where dermatologist salaries average $306,777. In Austin, where demographics skew slightly younger, the average salary is $308,991. In Dallas, it's $316,881.


In The Sunshine State, dermatologist salaries are above the national average, and have the chance to grow with the practitioner's experience. In Fort Lauderdale and nearby Pompano Beach, salaries average $311,308. A few miles north, in Boca Raton, $317,380 is the average dermatologist salary.


Many of the southern states provide better salaries than the national average, and that includes Louisiana. You'll find the highest paying jobs near the coast. Kenner, an outer suburb of New Orleans, boasts an average salary of $316, 267, while the metropolitan area has a slightly higher average of $317,617.


Many of the highest paying dermatologist jobs in Massachusetts are centered in Boston and the surrounding metropolitan area. Boston, Arlington, Brookline and Cambridge all share an average dermatologist salary of $360,732. Living in Boston has a relatively high cost of living, compared to other major cities in the U.S., however, healthcare jobs tend to be well compensated.


In California, dermatologist salaries rise and fall in line with the cost of living. Healthcare jobs are widely available throughout the region. Because the state is so large and heavily populated, salaries can vary quite a lot from city to city. In the northern part of the state, Sacramento has an average salary of $341,494 while San Francisco's is $395,375. In the southern half, San Diego has an average salary of $340,173, West Covina's is $350,529 and Los Angeles an average of $353,671.

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