Why recruiters with limited resources need a one-stop shop

Published on: Apr 25, 2017


This year, many recruiters expect their workloads to increase without support from additional resources. Adding more work without expanding your bandwidth is a recipe for stress and financial strain. Unfortunately, in many cases, resource expansion just isn’t possible.

If you’re a physician recruiter with limited time and money, you need to learn how to work smarter, allocating time and money only where you can expect a reasonable return on investment.

Passive job seekers are a frustrating piece of the puzzle

In today’s job market, organizations receive many applications from active job seekers via company websites. From an employer’s perspective, a recruiter who can only bring in job seekers who have already applied online is of little value. However, a recruiter who can bring in passive job seekers with robust skillsets is much more appealing to employers.

Recruiters may have problems attracting passive job seekers because it’s a tactical business risk. By their very nature, passive job seekers are already employed and therefore less likely to change positions. Allocating too many resources toward such professionals can put recruiters in a risky position.

To maximize your ROI, you need a recruiting strategy that reaches active and passive job seekers without doubling your spend.

Recruiters need a one-stop shop

To protect your valuable resources and extend your recruiting reach, you need a solution that allows you to reach a larger population of skilled medical professionals. In order to save money, some recruiters may turn to free social media listings, thinking these channels offer a wide reach with little financial commitment. However, the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters reported that only 0.3 percent of all medical positions are filled in this way.

Job boards, on the other hand, have a much better success rate. In fact, recruiters fill nearly a quarter of all medical positions through job boards, with rates skyrocketing for certain specialties, such as dermatology.

Online job boards are just one half of the puzzle, however. By adding display advertisements in print and online medical journals, recruiters can reach all job seekers on the active-passive spectrum.

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