Why salary is the second thing physician job seekers should consider

Published on: Aug 8, 2017


Looking for a new position can be daunting because you want to be compensated adequately, but you also desire the time available to use your salary the way you want. You may feel under pressure to accept the first offer your receive, however, as time-to-hire for physician positions can stretch on for months.

In fact, the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters reported the average time to fill a physician post is 161 days. Very few professionals have half a year to mull over their employment options. And yet, you need to be sure you'll be happy in your new job, or you may have to start the job hunt again.

Striking a balance between work and life

Salary and benefits are a good place to start when considering a new position, as is cost of living, which can vary greatly between states and cities. As you begin your job search, ask yourself what kind of life you want to lead. The American Medical Association reported the majority of physicians work between 40 and 60 hours each week - what you do with the remainder of that time will ultimately shape your life and personal relationships.

Choosing a career path that lets you achieve your desired work/life balance is important, because your job could define your lifestyle.

Will your new job offer the work/life balance you crave?Will your new job offer the work/life balance you crave?

What will you do outside the office?

Close your eyes and picture a typical weekend off from work. Where do you see yourself? Are you skiing down the slopes in Colorado, or are you surfing along a California beach? Do you have time for family dinners in the evening?

These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself first, then consider salary and benefits. Determine what kind of lifestyle you want, then find a job to match. You won't be alone in doing so - millennial physicians are disrupting physician placement at healthcare organizations by changing office culture.

Finding the perfect match

To discover a position that offers the work/life balance you crave, you must be proactive in your job search. Perusing job boards, meeting with recruiters and attending professional networking events should be top priorities. The more information you can gather during your job hunt, the better prepared you'll be for interviews.

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