Why Social Media is Becoming a Powerful Tool for Getting Hired in Healthcare

Written by: Dr. Nisha Cooch
Published on: Jun 10, 2021

Social Media and Careers

A major change to the job market over the past decade or so has been the infiltration of social media and its use amongst both employers and employees. While certain social media platforms have been developed specifically for professional reasons, including LinkedIn, other more multi-functional sites like Twitter and Facebook are still relevant in the healthcare job market.

Social media are powerful ways to connect, which is why they are used as tools for both those looking for employees and those looking for employers. Ultimately, finding jobs and filling jobs relies heavily on connecting with people. Because social media companies have recognized this value for employment, they have created ways to facilitate employer-employee connection and even the submission of job applications.

Here are a few ways that social media are now used for finding healthcare jobs:

Directly finding job opportunities. Certain social media platforms have jobs posted on the sites and the ability to apply through the platform. A benefit of these platforms over non-social media websites in the context of a job hunt is that the social media platforms incorporate a social element that allows potential employers or colleagues to get to know you better. You can have a visible profile and even send direct messages with people you could eventually work with.

Displaying expertise. Social media are a great way to showcase what you know about healthcare and what you have to offer in the space. People who are hiring in healthcare can be found across several social media platforms, and if you are covering issues relevant to them, you can catch their attention. Whether it is retweeting important healthcare information related to your skills or posting your own pictures or content that show your commitment to a certain set of patients or that demonstrate your expertise in your specialty, these platforms offer a way for you to informally show employers your value.

Connecting to people. By connecting to or “following” people in your industry, you can find healthcare jobs in several ways. For one, you may become aware of specific job opportunities through your connections’ posts. Second, the people with whom you are connected may recognize an opportunity for you and help set you up for success in that position.

Social Media Network

Social media have become ubiquitous, and they offer several opportunities for people looking for healthcare jobs. While the advantages of social media are many, it is also important to be cautious in the new digital world. Just as a potential employer or colleague may be impressed by content you post through social media, they can also have the opposite response if you conduct yourself unprofessionally through your social media. Even if you do not use your social media explicitly for your job hunt, you should keep in mind that your career could always be affected by what information you make publicly available.

3 ways that social media are now used for finding healthcare jobs:

  • Directly finding job opportunities
  • Displaying expertise
  • Connecting to people