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Why You Should Consider Working Abroad

Written by: Alex Brown
Published on: Apr 28, 2022

Working Abroad

Do you have a passion for travel and learning about new cultures? You might want to consider an international career in healthcare and take your skills around the world.

Working abroad provides several benefits for healthcare professionals, whether you are fresh out of college or have years of experience in the field. It is an enriching experience that will help you grow personally and professionally.


Here are some reasons to consider working abroad in the medical field.


Better insights into healthcare systems

It’s challenging to gain a broader view from home. While your local healthcare system may seem like the standard, working internationally will give you new insights. You will see the different concepts, practices, and philosophies driving medical care and how they impact staff communication and patient treatment.

Each healthcare system has strengths and weaknesses, so getting as much experience as possible will provide you with a new understanding about your assumptions and beliefs.

These insights will stay with you even if you go back home to work.


Learn new skills

Professionals who work abroad develop different soft skills. You will improve your communication abilities–both verbal and non-verbal–which boosts your ability to understand and guide your patients. Plus, you will learn to network by interacting with the locals and fellow ex-pats.

International work will also enhance the hard skills critical to your position. Adapting to local practices and different technologies will stretch your skills. You also get boots-on-the-ground experience with local and regional diseases that can improve your care approach. In fact, one survey found that 18% of pediatric residents who worked in Guatemala and Peru discovered their patients had illnesses they had not encountered in their home country.


Boost your resume

Working abroad signals critical skills to hiring managers and recruiters. Whether you want to keep working abroad or take a job back home, an international resume tells employers that you function well outside of your comfort zone and are culturally competent and independent.

Flexibility and mobility are major considerations in recruiting, and more jobs than ever look for some international travel. By showing that you have the flexibility to work abroad, you immediately stand out from the competition. If you gain additional skills, such as learning another language, you will be even more competitive.

You’ll also be more qualified for other international jobs if you want to keep working abroad. Recruiters will be less worried about you getting homesick and going back home since you’ve shown you can stick with it.

Healthcare professional on scooter

Financial Benefits

Many healthcare professionals choose to work abroad to take advantage of a lower cost of living and higher earning potential. Many countries face critical talent shortages, so they actively recruit globally and provide tempting incentives to encourage professionals to make the leap.


In many cases, healthcare professionals make more internationally and have benefits such as:

  • Paid leave
  • Professional development
  • Free healthcare
  • Relocation stipend
  • Free education for themselves and their children
  • Work-life balance protocols
  • Bonuses


Depending on where you want to work, you might find additional benefits over your home country.

International medical work provides invaluable skills that are challenging to acquire at home. Whether you want a career that will allow you to see the world or want to enrich your experience in healthcare, working abroad is a vital experience.


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