Writing the Perfect Job Description

Written by: Alex Brown
Published on: Sep 13, 2021

Recruiter working and typing

Healthcare hiring managers and recruiters in the United States face a competitive environment: an aging population to go with a growing shortfall in medical staffing. Recruits across all experience levels are becoming more sought after than ever, with many having multiple job opportunities to consider at one time.

One simple tactic to boost your listing against similar job openings is to create an appealing job description. According to a 2020 Indeed survey, 52% of job seekers say the quality of a job description is very or extremely influential on their decision to apply.

There are several ways your job posts can win the interest of valuable candidates.  

Write a Clear Job Title

Applicants search open positions starting with job titles they believe they’re qualified for. If your title is unclear, full of jargon, or non-descriptive, it may cause them to move on. Make your job titles specific, using relevant search terms whenever possible. Titles with terms candidates are searching with are more effective than generic ones, so include key phrases that accurately describe the role and are familiar to the audience.

Keep it Skimmable

Job seekers may be searching multiple sources filled with available positions. If your job description is lengthy, difficult to read, or overly complicated, they will bounce from your posting. So, to hold their attention, keep your job description skimmable. Use headers, bullets or numbered lists, and short paragraphs to allow applicants quickly assess their interest in the job and whether or not they’re qualified for the position.

Use Video to Promote Your Organization

Get candidates excited about what you do by including a short video about your organization where possible. Share stories about care teams, positive outcomes, life inside the building, even available perks. Have various team members discuss their experiences with the company. And include details about company culture, what makes the workplace unique, and why a candidate would love to work there.

Be Specific About Tasks & Qualifications

An effective job description provides just enough detail for candidates to easily determine if they’re qualified for the position and want to move forward. The Tasks and Qualifications sections should be very specific about key requirements, even if these sections are a bit longer than others.

For the Tasks section, provide as many day-to-day activities of the position as makes sense. Here you want to help candidates understand the work environment and the activities they will be responsible for.

Under Qualifications, list out the traits and skills–in order of importance–so they clearly understand what they need to bring to the table. For an even better candidate fit, include descriptive words like “compassionate”, “problem solving”, “responsive”, and “observant” to describe what you’re looking for in the position.

Define Compensation and Career Growth Opportunities

Adding compensation details to your description also helps surface the most interested applicants. Provide a salary range from the least qualified candidates to the most qualified candidates. And include any sign-on bonuses, benefits packages, vacation and personal day policies, and so on. If offered, add in unique perks such as on-site daycare, tuition reimbursement, etc. Finally, provide some details about growth potential and opportunities to move within the organization.

Keep in mind that the description should help guide the interview and hiring process. The more your description is aligned with what candidates experience, the better the outcome for your recruit and the organization.


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