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Whether you're just beginning your healthcare career or your're well-seasoned in your field, find all types of medical career advice here. Interested in contributing to these posts? Contact us today or search employers, sign up for healthcare job alerts, or search all medical job listings now.

  • The Best Paying Dental Jobs in 2023

    5 Highest-Paying Dental Jobs of 2023

    • May 23, 2023
    • Alex Brown

    Discover the top 4 highest paying dental jobs to maximize your earnings as a dentist. Get salary ranges, qualifications and job outlook for the best paying dental jobs in the field.

  • Which physician practice is right for you?

    Which of the 4 Common Types of Medical Practices is Right for You?

    • May 23, 2023
    • Alex Brown

    A handy guide to the pros and cons of four of the most common physician practice types. Learn what each medical practice entails to find the best fit for your career and personal life.

  • The Top 3 Side Jobs for Nurses

    The Top 3 Side Hustles for Nurses

    • May 17, 2023
    • Alex Brown

    Looking for ways to earn extra money as a nurse? Check out these side hustles and side jobs for nurses that are in high demand and easy to integrate into a busy nursing schedule.

  • How Physicians Can Change Their Specialty

    How Physicians Can Successfully Switch Their Specialty

    • May 15, 2023
    • Alex Brown

    Are you a physician looking to switch specialties? Learn how to make the switch, including the steps you need to take and things to consider when making your decision.

  • Critical Money Management Tips for New Physicians

    • May 11, 2023
    • Alex Brown

    New physicians face unique financial challenges. Start saving for your future as a doctor with these smart tips.

  • Best Hospitals for Nurses to Work in 2023

    • Apr 21, 2023
    • Alex Brown

    Discover the top hospitals for nurses to work at in 2023. From competitive compensation and generous benefits packages to supportive workplace cultures and opportunities for professional development, these hospitals have it all.

  • 3 Ways Physicians Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

    • Dec 13, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    Imposter syndrome, or struggling with feelings of inadequacy, is very common in physicians and medical students. These three tips can help any doctor, new or old, overcome it.

  • 4 Ways Healthcare Professionals Can Build Resilience and Fight Burnout

    • Dec 8, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    Physician burnout has been on the rise for years. It’s time to take action ourselves. Here are four key ways to build resilience as a medical professional, one of the best ways to fight burnout.

  • 4 Reasons to Become a Family Practice Physician

    • Dec 6, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    Should you become a family practice doctor? Find out here!

  • How to Thrive Your First Year of Residency

    • Dec 1, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    You’re about to start your residency program. Congratulations! Now what?

  • Should You Start a Career as an Oncology Nurse?

    • Nov 8, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    Becoming an oncology nurse requires special qualifications. You must be able to handle difficult situations and provide emotional support while maintaining compassion and empathy to help patients cope with their illness.

  • 5 Non-traditional Nursing Jobs You Might Want to Consider

    • Nov 3, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    Looking for a nursing job that is a little outside the box? These five non-traditional RN roles could take your nursing career down an exciting new path!

  • How to Cope With the Death of a Patient

    • Oct 31, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    After losing a patient, doctors must deal with feelings of guilt, anger, sadness, and more. Coping with patient death can be difficult, but here are some ways to help ease the pain.

  • 4 High-Paying Medical Careers That Don't Require Math

    • Oct 27, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    Looking for a medical career that doesn't require math? These four healthcare jobs pay very well and you don't need to use numbers or calculations.

  • 4 Signs It's Time to Hang Up Your Scrubs

    • Sep 29, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    The pandemic was especially hard on clinicians. If you're thinking about quitting your job, here are four warning signs it might be time to move on, plus some helpful healthcare career change tips!

  • 4 High Demand Medical Specialties in a Post-Pandemic World

    • Sep 27, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    As more people recover from COVID-19, there will be an increased demand for physicians specializing in certain areas of medicine. These four specialties have the highest projected growth rates.

  • 4 Reasons You Should Join HOSA

    • Sep 20, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    HOSA is an organization that helps high school and college students prepare for careers in healthcare. It’s a great way to start your journey to become a nurse or doctor!

  • The Top 5 Cities for Healthcare Jobs in 2022

    • Sep 16, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    The list of top cities for medical jobs has changed dramatically over the past few years. These are the top 5 cities for jobs in the healthcare industry in 2022.

  • Top 3 Healthcare Jobs of the Future

    • Aug 22, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    As we move forward from the pandemic, new technologies will continue to change the field of medicine. These are the top 3 medical careers in demand for the future.

  • The Future of Healthcare: How Physicians Can Prepare Themselves

    • Aug 18, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    What does the future hold for physicians in America today? Find out more [hint: the robots will not be taking over].