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  • Highest Paying Medical Jobs in 2022

    • Feb 24, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    Check out 10 of the highest salary jobs in healthcare for 2022.

  • female physician interviewing candidate

    Creating a Great Candidate Experience

    • Feb 14, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    Find out what the candidate experience is and how you can ensure a positive one for your medical recruits.

  • HR meeting with doctors

    Physician Recruiting Strategies That Work

    • Jan 31, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    What are the best physician recruiting strategies for high-demand candidates? Explore several recruitment strategies that help build appeal and get them to sign a contract.

  • common mistakes

    4 Common Healthcare Recruiting Challenges You Need to Avoid

    • Jan 10, 2022
    • Alex Brown

    Explore 4 big recruiting challenges and how you can hire the best candidates when the need arises.

  • Medical Billing Best Practices

    • Dec 30, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Take a look at 6 medical billing best practices that will make you a valuable part of your healthcare organization.

  • 5 Things NOT to do During an Interview

    • Dec 23, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Explore 5 things to avoid when you are being interviewed.

  • 4 Career Goals for Nurses

    • Dec 16, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Take a look at 4 key career goals for nurses that will help you advance your career and increase your value to your healthcare organization.

  • doctor reading journal

    4 Reasons Why Recruitment Through Medical Journals Still Works

    • Dec 13, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Explore 4 reasons reaching potential healthcare candidates through journal ads makes sense.

  • M.D., D.O., Ph.D.–Which Degree Should You Go For?

    • Dec 9, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Explore what they do and how each degree path is different.

  • surgeons at hospital

    4 Keys to Staffing Resilient Healthcare Teams

    • Dec 6, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Explore 4 key qualities to look for so you can build resiliency to handle challenging situations.

  • Responsibilities of a Medical Practice Manager

    • Dec 2, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Managers must oversee multiple functions. Explore this breakdown of 6 key areas of responsibility.

  • best workplace

    5 Reasons to Brand Your Healthcare Employer Identity

    • Nov 29, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Explore 5 reasons you should consider building a strong healthcare brand to recruit outstanding, committed workers.

  • What to Do if You are Terminated

    • Nov 25, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Check out 8 moves you should make if you get a pink slip.

  • 6 Steps to Qualify for Medical School

    • Nov 18, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Explore 6 steps that will make you difficult for admissions to reject you.

  • rural physician

    Recruiting Rural Healthcare Providers

    • Nov 15, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    How do rural healthcare facilities recruit and retain HCPs? Read how bad the situation is and explore some potential solutions to understaffed rural communities.

  • Planning for Your Best Medical Career in 2022

    • Nov 11, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Explore 4 ways you can ensure you choose the right healthcare career path for you.

  • How Telemedicine Has Disrupted Healthcare Delivery

    • Nov 4, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Discover how telemedicine is improving how HCPs manage evolving healthcare needs.

  • Dealing with Change in Your Healthcare Organization

    • Oct 28, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Find out 5 ways you can reduce the stress of handling a big change at your healthcare workplace.

  • winter vacation

    6 Hacks for Managing Recruitment Activities on Vacation

    • Oct 25, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Heading out on a vacation? Don’t stop your recruiting momentum! Check out 6 hacks for managing recruiting activities while you are away.

  • Should You Shift from Nurse to Doctor?

    • Oct 21, 2021
    • Alex Brown

    Find out the challenges you’ll have to account for when you make that change.