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  • 3 Ways Technology May Change Pharmacy Careers

    • May 7, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    Technology and changes in the healthcare landscape are likely to change the nature of pharmacy jobs.

  • 3 Important Non-Clinical Skills Healthcare Recruiters are Looking For

    • Apr 30, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    Here are three of the most important things that healthcare recruiters and employers in the medical industry look for in job applicants in addition to workers’ technical prowess.

  • neurology

    7 Tips to Recruit Effectively in Neurology

    • Apr 27, 2020
    • Lisa A. Burke

    Shape your recruiting strategy to accommodate the unique professional needs of practitioners in the neurology field.

  • Does it Make Sense to Earn Your Family Nurse Practitioner Degree Online?

    • Apr 23, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    Today’s technology makes it possible to earn a degree online, which can help avoid some obstacles that may have before prevented those interested from becoming nurse practitioners.

  • 3 Side Jobs for Medical Residents to Consider During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Apr 16, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    For residents who are unable to continue with their anticipated training in the short-term due to COVID-19, there are ways to spend the extra time that can help boost your career in the long-term.

  • video interview

    Successful Healthcare Recruiting During A Pandemic

    • Apr 13, 2020
    • Lisa A. Burke

    Although the coronavirus crisis has impacted the hiring process across the healthcare sector, recruiters are well positioned to conduct their daily work due to the technology available.

  • How will the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Affect Career Choices in Medicine?

    • Apr 9, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical training are largely out of the control of budding physicians, those aspiring to become doctors face career choices that may now be altered as a result of this pandemic.

  • candidate engagement

    Candidate Engagement Ideas for Healthcare Recruiters

    • Apr 3, 2020
    • Lisa A. Burke

    Six strategies to build candidate engagement that will allow your organization to compete successfully for a limited talent pool.

  • How Will COVID-19 Affect Your Job Search?

    • Apr 2, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    For job seekers in the healthcare industry, it is unclear how job availability – and jobs themselves – may change as a result of the virus.

  • Important Aspects of Physician Contracts

    • Mar 26, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    Most physicians have not attended law school or business school and are not particularly well-versed in how to negotiate contracts.

  • Need for Telemedicine During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    • Mar 19, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    The coronavirus pandemic is likely to cause an expansion in telemedicine that may last long after the relevant surge in healthcare needs has passed.

  • Brand animation

    Healthcare recruiters: Here is a guide to help you build a successful employer brand

    • Mar 16, 2020
    • Lisa A. Burke

    This article discusses the steps in building and implementing a brand based on your organization’s core values and unique positioning.

  • The Best Ways Nurses Can Work from Home

    • Mar 12, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    If you are a nurse and want to use your nursing skills to do something other than provide in-person clinical care, here are some options for you to consider.

  • How to Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Medical Career

    • Mar 5, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    Social media has become an integral part of both our lives, and a variety of platforms offer value to those in the medical industry.

  • Why Healthcare Providers Need to be Blogging in 2020

    • Feb 27, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    Here are four key reason reasons that as a healthcare provider, you simply must be blogging in 2020.

  • technology

    Technology’s Impact on Healthcare Recruiting

    • Feb 24, 2020
    • Lisa A. Burke

    Healthcare organizations seeking to attract the best talent in a competitive market would do well to invest in recruitment technology that can introduce efficiencies into the hiring process.

  • Sick of Practicing Medicine? Here are 4 Other Ways to Use Your MD

    • Feb 20, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    For physicians who believe that they would be happier spending their days doing something other than clinical medicine, there are several other options.

  • How to Decide Whether to Change Your Job as a Physician

    • Feb 13, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    For those who are unhappy in their current job but who do not want to hastily give up their career as a practicing physician, here are some things to consider.

  • male recruiter

    Soft Skills Assessment: A Critical Part of the Medical Hiring Process

    • Feb 10, 2020
    • Lisa A. Burke

    We take a look at how soft skills assessment can be used effectively during the medical interview process.

  • How to Use Social Media for Professional Development in Medicine

    • Feb 6, 2020
    • Dr. Nisha Cooch

    Here are three things every healthcare provider can do on social media to promote their careers.