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  • AAPPR survey infographic screenshot

    [Infographic] AAPPR Survey Results: COVID-19 Impact and Response on Physician Recruitment

    • Aug 7, 2020

    This research is brought to you by AAPPR, sponsored by Elsevier.

  • rural recruitment clip

    [Infographic] Is the doctor in? Healthcare in rural America

    • Jan 28, 2020

    Rural areas have less access to specialists and primary care physicians. Here are some statistics to assist on the rural recruitment strategy planning.

  • Hiring physicians? 7 mobile recruiting trends to know [Infographic]

    • Nov 21, 2019

    As a result, recruiters need to tailor their efforts to target these applicants and their mobile endeavors. Here's how:

  • Scouting for Medical Talent: 7 Trends Every Physician Recruiter Should Know [Infographic]

    • Aug 6, 2019

    Physician recruiters need to stay up to date with the latest hiring trends to effectively source talent.

  • Where are the best opportunities for medical job seekers? [Infographic]

    • Feb 13, 2019

    Finding a job is an important step in the career of anyone in the medical field.

  • 5 Physician Hiring Trends Every Recruiter Should Know [Infographic]

    • Jan 22, 2019

    Looking to recruit physicians in 2019. There are some important trends you should be aware of.

  • Why Lifestyle Marketing is Effective for Healthcare Recruiting [Infographic]

    • Oct 1, 2018

    Work-life balance is important to job-seekers, so it's important to show them what their future lifestyle looks like.

  • Why Medical Recruiters Should Care About Their Employer Branding [Infographic]

    • Jul 9, 2018

    To recruit qualified candidates, employers must ensure their branding is attractive to job seekers.

  • The Best Channels to Effectively Reach Dentists [Infographic]

    • Apr 2, 2018

    Trying to locate and attract dental candidates? It's important to know exactly how to reach them.

  • The 4 Physician Specialties with the Highest Demand [Infographic]

    • Jan 23, 2018

    These four physician specialties have the highest demand in the medical job market.

  • What They Want: Job Postings That Attract Millennial Talent [Infographic]

    • Nov 6, 2017

    Here's how to reach this audience and meet their new demands.

  • The Right Prescription for Recruiting Millennials [Infographic]

    • Jul 5, 2017

    Talent recruiters in the healthcare industry should understand what millennials want from their next job.