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  • Making Candidate Engagement a Snap: Snapchat as a Recruiting Tool

    Nov 16, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    We will discuss what platform Snapchat is, as well as provide five tips to optimize use of the app to attract and engage with candidates.

  • Costs of a Poor Hire and Tips to Avoid Mistakes

    Oct 26, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    Most employers have made a poor hiring decision at one time or another. This article will provide a breakdown of actual and opportunity costs of a poor hire, along with several tips for building a more targeted recruiting process.

  • Future of Work: Managing Remote-based Employees

    Oct 12, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    Employers have faced challenges in implementing a work-from home program in terms of job performance and cultural values. This article will discuss strategies to ensure continuing employee productivity while continuing to foster a culture of inclusion.

  • Success with Virtual Onboarding for Healthcare Facilities

    Sep 28, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    Arising from the global pandemic, virtual onboarding has become a critical step in the hiring process to build employee engagement and retention. This article suggests four ideas to make the transition as simple as possible by utilizing a combination of human interaction and technology.

  • 5 Compelling Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

    Aug 31, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    AI has become ever more popular within the recruitment sector to foster process efficiency. This article discusses 5 compelling uses of AI that are relatively easy to implement yet yield attractive ROI in terms of improved quality of hires.

  • 7 Common Recruiting Challenges and Suggested Solutions

    Aug 17, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    This article explores seven common challenges among recruiters and provides tips on how to overcome them to foster greater hiring success.

  • [Infographic] AAPPR Survey Results: COVID-19 Impact and Response on Physician Recruitment

    Aug 7, 2020

    This research is brought to you by AAPPR, sponsored by Elsevier.

  • 7 Ingenious Methods of Employee Retention in the Healthcare Sector

    Jul 27, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    Due to the shortage of clinical practitioners, employee retention that fosters employee loyalty and engagement is becoming increasingly important to facilities of every size across the country.

  • Healthcare Branding Strategy During a Global Crisis

    Jul 13, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    COVID-19 has presented unique recruitment challenges in terms of promoting the organizational brand to attract top caliber candidates, as well as keeping current employees engaged. There is greater reliance on online technologies and this article discusses how to build an effective brand using the new tools.

  • Best Practices for Diversity Recruitment in the Healthcare Sector

    Jun 22, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    To remain competitive given the limited candidate pool within the healthcare sector, it will be helpful to become known as an employer that recognizes the value of diversity and actively implements recruitment strategies that will build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

  • Legal Implications of Recruiting During The New Normal

    Jun 8, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    We are in unprecedented times and recruiters are required to navigate complicated issues with regard to their hiring processes. This article will assist the hiring team comply with employment law.

  • The Case for Utilizing APPs to Mitigate the Physician Shortage (Includes Key Recruiting Tips)

    May 25, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    With the severe physician shortage, more organizations are hiring Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, commonly referred to as Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) to cover the shortfall.

  • Cardiologist Recruitment: How to Attract Talent When Supply is Low

    May 11, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    This article discusses effective cardiologist recruitment strategies that will build your candidate pipeline and favorably position your organization.

  • 7 Tips to Recruit Effectively in Neurology

    Apr 27, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    Shape your recruiting strategy to accommodate the unique professional needs of practitioners in the neurology field.

  • Successful Healthcare Recruiting During A Pandemic

    Apr 13, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    Although the coronavirus crisis has impacted the hiring process across the healthcare sector, recruiters are well positioned to conduct their daily work due to the technology available.

  • Candidate Engagement Ideas for Healthcare Recruiters

    Apr 3, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    Six strategies to build candidate engagement that will allow your organization to compete successfully for a limited talent pool.

  • Healthcare recruiters: Here is a guide to help you build a successful employer brand

    Mar 16, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    This article discusses the steps in building and implementing a brand based on your organization’s core values and unique positioning.

  • Technology’s Impact on Healthcare Recruiting

    Feb 24, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    Healthcare organizations seeking to attract the best talent in a competitive market would do well to invest in recruitment technology that can introduce efficiencies into the hiring process.

  • Soft Skills Assessment: A Critical Part of the Medical Hiring Process

    Feb 10, 2020| Lisa A. Burke

    We take a look at how soft skills assessment can be used effectively during the medical interview process.

  • [Infographic] Is the doctor in? Healthcare in rural America

    Jan 28, 2020

    Rural areas have less access to specialists and primary care physicians. Here are some statistics to assist on the rural recruitment strategy planning.