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  • Physician recruiters: 3 ways to ensure your phone interview is a success

    • Nov 18, 2019

    A successful phone interview gets you one step closer to filling a role.

  • 3 lessons physician recruiters can learn from lifestyle marketers

    • Nov 4, 2019

    Here are three important lifestyle marketing lessons to help you understand how to better appeal to candidates.

  • Recruiting physicians in rural markets: 3 powerful tips

    • Oct 21, 2019

    Attracting physician job seekers to rural markets requires a keen understanding of their motivations, as well as a strategy for promoting the benefits of working in the country.

  • The physician talent pool is diversifying: Are you prepared?

    • Oct 7, 2019

    There’s no doubt about it - the healthcare workforce is becoming more diverse every year.

  • 5 essential daily habits for goal-oriented medical recruiters

    • Sep 23, 2019

    Over time, these five habits can help you become a more efficient and successful medical recruiter.

  • Can you measure the ROI of a great candidate experience?

    • Sep 9, 2019

    Making adjustments to your candidate experience can ultimately help you hire more qualified candidates.

  • How to tell candidates "no" and keep them in your talent pipeline

    • Aug 26, 2019

    Talent pipelines can extend over months and include dozens of high-value applicants. How do you avoid burning bridges?

  • What can Gen Z medical students tell us about the future of healthcare?

    • Aug 12, 2019

    Right now, Gen Zers are in their early- to mid-twenties, and those attending higher education to pursue a medical career are demonstrating some helpful trends.

  • Scouting for Medical Talent: 7 Trends Every Physician Recruiter Should Know [Infographic]

    • Aug 6, 2019

    Physician recruiters need to stay up to date with the latest hiring trends to effectively source talent.

  • What qualities make a great medical recruiter?

    • Jul 29, 2019

    Successful medical recruiters possess the intuitive skills of a detective, the charisma of a top salesperson and the listening ability of a guidance counselor.

  • What to do when job seekers ghost you

    • Jul 15, 2019

    Ghosting is the millennial term for when someone you’re interested in ceases all communication with you, without warning.

  • Physician recruiters: 3 tips for shortening your response time

    • Jul 1, 2019

    As a recruiter, you have a limited amount of time to communicate with candidates, so it’s important that you make the most of it.

  • Should you add text messages to your physician recruiting strategy?

    • Jun 17, 2019

    Recruiters who want to reduce lag time throughout each stage of their hiring workflow need to consider which technologies can help to keep candidates active and engaged.

  • Physician recruiters: 3 tips for your first medical conference

    • Jun 10, 2019

    As a recruiter, events represent an amazing opportunity to connect with the best of the best.

  • How to connect with passive physician job candidates

    • May 20, 2019

    To capture the attention of passive candidates, recruiters need to get strategic with their communications.

  • How to recruit the top in-demand specialty HCPs

    • May 13, 2019

    To better market your open positions to healthcare professionals (HCPs) in targeted specialties, you’ll need to understand what appeals to each candidate persona.

  • Which physician recruitment channels are most effective?

    • Apr 29, 2019

    Today, physician recruiters need to leverage multiple channels to find the best candidates for available roles.

  • Physician recruitment: How to boost candidate engagement levels

    • Apr 15, 2019

    Once recruiters pinpoint what’s causing low levels of engagement, they can take steps to improve the situation.

  • How AI can help medical recruiters get more done

    • Mar 25, 2019

    By building AI solutions into the day’s workflow, recruiters can reclaim valuable time to focus on more important tasks.

  • 3 relationship management tips to improve candidate engagement

    • Mar 11, 2019

    These days, candidate experience and relationship management are two sides of the same coin: engagement.