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  • Benefits 2019: Which are most important to physician job seekers?

    • Feb 28, 2019

    To recruit effectively, physician recruiters need to understand what type of benefits job seekers desire, beyond basic medical coverage.

  • How can medical recruiters connect with conference attendees?

    • Feb 14, 2019

    For medical recruiters, conferences represent an opportunity to network with potential candidates and spread brand awareness.

  • 3 steps to take after posting a medical job listing

    • Jan 28, 2019

    These three steps can ensure you optimize your post’s potential to reach talented professionals.

  • 5 Physician Hiring Trends Every Recruiter Should Know [Infographic]

    • Jan 22, 2019

    Looking to recruit physicians in 2019. There are some important trends you should be aware of.

  • 3 reasons to use SMS to engage candidates

    • Jan 17, 2019

    Here are three reasons to leverage SMS to engage medical job seekers.

  • How to develop a content strategy that supports your recruitment goals

    • Jan 10, 2019

    When recruiters have the support of a strong content strategy, they can see more opportunities to engage with candidates in meaningful ways.

  • Assessing soft skills: 4 questions to ask in a phone interview

    • Dec 10, 2018

    These important questions will help medical recruiters screen candidates prior to an in-person interview.

  • 3 ways to keep candidates engaged during the holiday season

    • Dec 3, 2018

    The commotion that comes with the holiday season can slow down the hiring process, but it should never cause a complete halt.

  • 3 tips for medical recruiters who want to improve retention metrics

    • Nov 12, 2018

    Here are three tips to help you reduce turnover rates at your organization.

  • What is a recruitment roadmap and why do you need one?

    • Nov 8, 2018

    A roadmap supports strategic planning by giving teams the ability to visualize the steps necessary to meet a goal.

  • The benefits of having a recruiting mini-site

    • Oct 11, 2018

    To increase your visibility and increase your opportunities for connecting with qualified candidates, consider investing in a tailored mini-site.

  • How to create a sustainable recruitment pipeline

    • Oct 4, 2018

    Creating a sustainable pipeline is one of the first steps toward lowering the average time to hire at your organization.

  • 3 tips for recruiters who want to lower first-year attrition rates

    • Oct 1, 2018

    Considering the heavy cost of turnover, employers have to do something to improve retention rates. Here are three strategies to consider:

  • Why Lifestyle Marketing is Effective for Healthcare Recruiting [Infographic]

    • Oct 1, 2018

    Work-life balance is important to job-seekers, so it's important to show them what their future lifestyle looks like.

  • Recruiters: Why candidate recruitment experience matters

    • Sep 20, 2018

    In the tight medical jobs market, good candidate experience matters because it increases the likelihood that skilled talent will be attracted to your organization.

  • What is the true cost of turnover at healthcare facilities?

    • Aug 23, 2018

    Employee turnover costs healthcare organizations millions of dollars each year.

  • How to engage candidates throughout the medical recruitment process

    • Aug 16, 2018

    Recruiters need to focus on keeping candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process to keep quality talent interested.

  • 3 tips to improve your employer brand

    • Jul 26, 2018

    Here are three tips on how to build a positive employer brand for your medical organization.

  • 4 tips for developing content that speaks to medical job seekers

    • Jul 19, 2018

    Writing content for job seekers gives you authority in the field. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • How to identify growth potential in medical job candidates

    • Jul 12, 2018

    Identifying growth potential during the hiring process is a key way to reduce the rate of employee turnover.