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EKGs with Interpretation ADView 2 Vital Signs Monitor

The ADView 2 is still the only truly

modular diagnostic station that

grows with your needs. Start with

blood pressure and choose

temperature or pulse oximetry

I• BionetCardioCare2000: $1,255



BurdickELI250c: $2,798

Welch Allyn CP150 w/lnterp: $3,186

Starting at $676 options at the time of purchase.

EMR-Compatible PC-Based

Cardiology Products EMR-Compatible Spirometry

PC Based & Direct-to-Printer

Cardia Resting EKG $1,895

Cardia Holter $2,995

Cardia Stress $2,995

Astra 200 $895

Astra 300 USB" $898

*Touch Screen Display

Screener Audiometer GE MAC1200 EKG Machine lifeline AED

Only $823.00

Includes a patient cable, new

universal alligator clips, EKG

paper and power cord.

Refurbished , with 6 mo warranty:

Only $1,390

New, with 3 yr warranty (no modem): $2 ,995

Gold Standard AED

Only $1 ,245.00

Welch Allyn Integrated Diagnostic System Family Practice Exam Table

Combine any wall aneroid ,

ophthalmoscope, otoscope,

specula dispenser and

thermometer for a convenient

modular package that puts

everything for fast diagnostics

at arm's length

A durable, reliable,

patient-friendly exam table

for any office. Many base

& upholstery color


Only $792.00

Boost Your Revenue!

Reimburses using 6 CPT Codes;

National Average = $800

Neuro-Physiological Testing for Primary Care Physicians

Takes 10-15 minutes to prep patient, 20 minutes to test; Analyzes:

brain (EEG) brain processiing speed (Evoke Potentials), heart

health (EKG) mental health (neurophyschology); Each test is

processed into a fully-finished, clinically actionable report; Easy to

understand biomarkers facilitate more informed medical

interventions, such as biofeedback.

CPT Code 95004 x 80

(Standard Panel)

National Average $500 per test

Allergy Testing and Treatment - for the Non Allergist

With 40-50% of patients showing sensitivity to at least 1 allergen,

allergies are reaching epidemic proportions. Because of this, a

comprehensive Allergy Testing and Treatment Program is essential in

any medical office.

Any staff can perform the test (CLIA Free) , which takes 2 minutes to

perform and 15 minutes to show results. No High Risk Allergens. Stop

patients from relying on Over-The-Counter Drugs to live.

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