Growing up in a much larger city, I felt Quillen was the perfect place for me to focus on my education without outside distractions and be introduced and sample a different culture, so I could become more familiar w/ patients' lifestyle differences that I may possibly encounter in the future.  I also like the family like atmosphere of the school itself, where the faculty is always willing to help in anyway possible. I personally have no regrets about my choice.
- Avery N.

    A family atmosphere with top nationally ranked programs designed to deal with the health care shortage in the poorest parts of the country.  Beautiful area close to most major population centers on the East Coast. Faculty who demonstrate care, not just teach students how to provide it.
- Joshua A.

    I chose Quillen because it is a school that offers me the opportunity to achieve my career goals in the setting of a supportive and friendly environment.  After being accepted to other schools, I finally decided on Quillen. To me, other medical schools did not compare to Quillen. It is not common to find a medical school that is so centered on students, education, and patient care. As applicants and interviewees, you hear the faculty and staff "talk," and as students in the medical program, the faculty and staff "walk the talk" each and every day.
- David C.

    I chose Quillen because the values that were presented when I interviewed were in line with my value system. I believe in primary care, small class sizes, and quality health care. Upon being accepted and matriculating through my first two years I've been pleased with my choice. Quillen provides a curriculum and infrastructure for medical students to gain clinical acumen and become compassionate medical providers.
- Jocelyn W.

    Medicine is not just science. It is pact with your community to provide good healthcare and develop lifelong relationships that may span generations of family. Quillen embodies these ideals and strives to develop them in every student.
- Dylan S.

    Environment is key to success! When facing a new challenge in life, with a desire to grow and succeed, it is vital to put yourself in an environment that suits you best. An environment where you are welcomed, where others believe in your abilities and cared about you as an individual. This is why I chose Quillen College of Medicine.
- Mohsen P.